Take Your Workout Outside This Spring in Delray Beach

Why spend an hour at the gym when you can get in a great workout while enjoying the sites and sunshine of Delray Beach? Whether you’re looking for a high-intensity workout, something out of the ordinary, or a more mindful exercise experience, you’ll find it on along the ocean shore.

Turn to Mother Nature and your own body weight to provide you with all the fitness equipment you need for a fresh and fun workout in the park.

Create your own outdoor circuit training program that includes squats, push-ups, side planks and side shuffles. Add in pull-ups and step-ups if you’re at a playground with a jungle gym. Don’t forget to warm up with a brisk 5-minute walk or jog before you start.

Anchor Park  is a great place to try out an outdoor circuit program: It has both a community park and a playground—and it’s close to the beach for a post-workout swim.

Veterans Park on East Atlantic Avenue, is another perfect outdoor workout spot, with lawn bowling and shuffleboard courts for some group fun, too.


Why Run When You Can Kangoo Jump?

Jump-start your outdoor workout—literally—with Kangoo jumping instead of than a run through the park.

(First invented in Europe in the mid-1990s, Kangoo jumping is a safe, low-impact rebound exercise you do with the help of Kangoo Jump shoe (boots). The activity is easier on the joints than jogging and a great calorie-burning exercise that also strengthens the legs.)

Though there are Kangoo jump clubs in many cities, all you really need to get started is a pair of Kangoo jump shoes, which are available online and in specialty sports stores. Strap them on and you’re ready to go.

Kangoo jumping shoes are equipped with a spring system that compresses as you run to absorb impact. They provide lateral stability that make them safe to use for people of any age and activity level.

Rather than a jog along the Commodore Trail, why not try Kangoo jumping the trail instead? The shoes are even sturdy enough for a run on Bluegill Trail or on one of the area’s breathtaking beaches. A list of Delray’s Trails is available at www.traillink.com/city/delray-beach-fl-trails.


This Beach Was Made for Yoga

What’s not to love about beach yoga? It combines fitness, discipline, and sunshine. It allows you to connect with nature and strengthen your body and mind.

If you’re already an avid yoga enthusiast, you know the many benefits of this ancient Indian form of exercise. Have you taken your practice outdoors to amplify its spiritual benefits yet?

Sunset Beach Yoga hosts an 80-minute guided yoga class every Sunday and Wednesday evening (weather permitting) at Atlantic Dunes Park Beach, led by Jessica Om. The event is open to all levels and to those who self-practice too. Find out more about the group at www.meetup.com/sunsetyogaonthebeach.

If the beach isn’t the place for you, but you still want to be close to nature during your yoga practice, Bamboo Garden Yoga, located at 88 SE 4th Avenue, offers a variety of indoor and outdoor yoga classes, including Bikram, vinyasa, and meditation. Classes are offered daily; registration is available online at bamboogardenyoga.com.


One of the biggest challenges to staying active is finding a fitness program that’s effective and fun. Taking your workout outside when the weather is nice gives you variety and a healthy dose of Vitamin D, both of which will make your body healthy and strong.