Delray Goes to the Dogs! Spots that are Dog-friendly in Delray

Delray Beach is known for being very “fur baby” friendly. So, if you love your pooch like we do – and want to take him or her on your daily adventures – this is the town to do it in! There is so much that is dog-friendly in Delray!

Something for Everyone at the Lake Ida Dog Park

We are fortunate to have several dog parks throughout the East Delray Beach area, the most well-known being The Lake Ida Dog Park. This is one of the best spots that is dog-friendly in Delray and it’s quite massive! While it’s called a dog park, it also offers something for every member of the family! You’ll enjoy jungle gyms for those energetic kids, walking trails for active folks, and picnic tables and pavilions that are perfect for family gatherings or a quick lunch break in between activities.

The highlight, of course, of Lake Ida Dog Park, is its beautiful lake. On any given Saturday, it’s fun to see people with their dogs in tow enjoying the lake. They will be fishing, boating, or even kayaking – with Fido along and enjoying it all.

The dog park itself is divided into separate areas by size. There’s a space just for the little ones, and a separate area for the larger breeds. Dog bathing facilities are on the premises as well, so your fur baby won’t leave covered in mud and end up banned from the house!

Going for a Stroll and a Bite on Atlantic Avenue

If you are more apt to walk your dog, as opposed to going to dog parks, there are plenty of options. We occasionally walk our own dog along the Ave downtown. You’ll know Fido is welcome, because throughout town, retail owners keep fresh water bowls out on the sidewalks.

If you get hungry and want to grab a bite, there are several restaurants that are very dog-friendly in Delray, as well. We are fans of local favorite Deck 84, where you’ll find plenty of outside seating, live music and friendly staff who will supply a water dish for your dog. And, if she’s extra good, they will even bring a treat!

A few other Downtown Delray places that will welcome your pooch:

Boston’s on the Beach (You can enjoy the beach area from here, and they offer live music and scrumptious seafood dishes!)

Mellow Mushroom Pizza (a chain, but a good one!)

Dada (a local favorite off The Ave.)

Bru’s Room (perfect place to catch a game and give your furry friend an outing!)


Shopping and Sniffing at The Delray Beach Green Market

If you enjoy festivals and markets, well then, you may know Delray has plenty of opportunities to partake! Did you know the Delray Beach Green Market is a hub for dog family activity? Come out to browse prepared foods, shop for fresh ingredients for tonights’ dinner, or just walk around and be social.

You’ll be able to interact with plenty of other dog families, and many green market vendors sell items for your pets! From handmade leashes and accessories to locally-made dog treats… you and your furry friend will find it here! We like to seek out Tweetle Pet Products for their natural and organic treats for pets.


Frolicking at Beach Areas that are Dog-Friendly in Delray

What’s better than time on the beach with your puppy? It sure is fun to eat sand and romp in the waves! Some areas of the incredible sandy beaches in Delray are dog-friendly. The exact areas that are good for Fido are sometimes changing, so ask other dog parents at the green market or the Lake Ida Dog Park to tell you where they gather. (Beach access is being negotiated North of Anchor Park off A1A. Local city officials are currently doing a trial run, and the overall idea is to restrict access to pets early in the morning and again from 3-5…. check back for details!).

When headed to the beach, we suggest you bring lots of extra fresh water to rinse out sandy and salty mouths (it’s hard to remember not to drink the briny water!). Also, don’t leave your leash behind in the car. Tote it with you, because – even if you will allow your pup to go off-leash – it’s expected among beach-goers that you will have the ability to re-leash if needed).


There are so many options for friendly activities in East Delray near Lake Ida and Lake Eden. The variety of ways to have fun encourages a healthy lifestyle for the entire family – including the four-legged kids. Be sure to check out just the few mentioned here, and let us know about your favorites, too.