Researching Schools in Palm Beach County? Attend the 10/17 Showcase of Schools!

When it comes to picking the right school in Palm Beach County for your child, a good place is to start is The Showcase of Schools.

The South Florida Fairgrounds is host to this year’s event taking place on Tuesday, October 17th from 4:00-8:00 PM.  Admission is free!

The Showcase is a great opportunity to bring your child to meet educators and students representing public, private and charter schools.  You’ll learn about the various choice, lottery, and academy programs available.  You will also find details on deadlines along with qualifications needed to apply for the various options.

Visit to further research the choice programs online.

Selecting schools is a personal and important process, and varies based on the goals you and your child have for his or her education. We encourage you to involve your child on selecting the right school for them. Whether public, private or charter; include them in the process, and take them on the tours. With their input and your guidance you can arrive at the best solution (school) for your family!