Meeting with a Florida Insurance Agent outlining the details of your home, such as valuables owned and whether or not your home will be used to conduct business are defiantly factors to be considered when determining the amount of home owners insurance coverage needed. Be sure to check with your Tower Hill agent for details on our “Emerald” endorsement, which provides a package of enhancements.

Dwelling coverage (item A on your policy) needs to be sufficient to cover debris removal, the cost to rebuild your home, and expenses to meet current building code. This is not the real estate or tax appraised value of your home. Your Tower Hill agent has access to software that can help determine the correct Coverage A taking into consideration the current building construction materials and labor costs in your area. To be certain you have adequate coverage on your personal property, complete a home inventory using free software such as or by completing an itemized list such as the Home Inventory Checklist, along with current photos of your items.

Homeowners’ insurance helps pay to repair or rebuild your home and replace personal property due to a covered loss. Florida law does not require homeowners’ insurance, but most people want to insure the largest investment they may ever make – their home. Also, if you own certain pets or a swimming pool, some cities and counties require liability coverage, which would pay for covered injuries to others, or damage to their property, for which you are legally responsible.

For mortgaged homes, the lending institution may require insurance coverage on the home, including flood (if located in a special zone), fire, liability, windstorm, etc

Depending on your home and which insurer you choose, you may obtain one of several homeowners’ insurance packages to cover your home and personal property. Each package provides coverage against specified perils or events that cause damage to property, such as fire, windstorm or theft.

Normally, a homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for the following:  Structure (the dwelling itself)  Other structures (sheds and fences)  Personal property (contents of the structures)  Loss of use (also called Additional Living Expense or ALE)

An insurance agent can help you determine the amount of coverage and options applicable to your individual situation. Please visit the Amy & Noreen Team list of suggested Insurance Companies with whom we have had the pleasure to work and see firsthand how they take care of our mutual clients. For more general information on Florida Home Owners Insurance Click Here to be linked to The Homeowners Tool Kit provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services