What to Pack When Visiting Delray Beach

Packing for Visiting Delray Beach

Maybe you’re visiting Delray to see relatives. Or, perhaps you are coming here for your coveted vacation. (Great choice!) Maybe you’re on a house-hunting mission. Whatever your reasons for heading our way, it’s time to pack. What to include?

Did you ever notice how heavy your luggage is when taking a trip to a cold-weather climate or during a skiing vacation? Parkas, sweaters, boots and coats…. Ugh! They sure weigh more than your summer clothes. But you won’t have that problem when packing for visiting Delray, even in the coolest months of January and February!

It’s all about the shorts, T’s, sundresses, and sandals!

It’s just another great reason to visit Delray Beach and Palm Beach County.  When it’s time to pack, just throw in all the shorts, T-shirts, mini-skirts, short-sleeved shirts. Then, perhaps add a light sweater or two in case the temperature dips below 70 – which it does often at night during the winter. Winter coats are needed only once in a blue moon in our corner of paradise in the Sunshine State.

Dressing up is still casual.

Most venues in our communities are quite casual. But if you plan on dining out at some nice restaurants when visiting Delray, women will need a few cocktail dresses and you’ll want to pack some dress slacks for the men. Breathable fabrics like silks, linens, and light cottons are practical and in fashion all year long.

Although smart summer casual is the theme, you’ll also see more sparkle in women’s fashion than you’ll find up north. And, for men, brighter colors are more prevalent in our climate. So, pack some color and sparkle – or go shopping in downtown Delray for some local flair.

Plan on sandals and loafers.

Leave the boots and clunky shoes home, too. South Floridians – and those visiting – wear loafers, tennis shoes and flip flops – or a smart sandal – just about everywhere. (Ladies, don’t forget to invest in a pedicure before you head this way – or make an appointment at one of our fantastic spas for your first full day!)

Gear for the beach and the course.

Finally, don’t forget a few bathing suits. Yes, we said a few! Your relaxation plans may bring you to the pool in the morning and beach in the afternoon. You’ll want to have a cute – and dry – option for each. (Plus, you want enough sets so the same visitors to the beach or pool don’t think you own only one suit!)

You’ll also need the sunscreens or oils of your choice, to go along with another crucial fashion item — and necessity — to protect your eyes from the bright sun. Sunglasses are a staple here.

If you are a golfer, a good windbreaker is a must during the winter. And if you are thinning above the hairline, we suggest a hat to keep your scalp freckle-free. Remember, as much as we love our time in the sun, it can be damaging. So take precautions – and enjoy!


Most importantly, don’t worry too much about what to bring. You can always pick up a few items in our local boutiques and stores, or in one of the great surf and souvenir shops. New clothes make great souvenirs, and they will serve as reminders to come visit us again some time soon!