PRESS RELEASE: Amy Snook Installed as 2021 President for the Women’s Council of Realtors

Photo #1: President Amy Snook, First Vice President Charmaine
Hickey, President Elect Paige Brewer, Treasurer Dinorah Guerra, and State Liaison Andrew Bell

DELRAY BEACH, Florida— Amy Snook, a partner in the All About Florida Homes Team of
Lang Realty, was installed as the Women’s Council of Realtors 2021 President for the State of
Florida at their Mid-Winter Convention in West Palm Beach, Florida.
This was the first ever hybrid convention, which included virtual and in-person events, held by
this group.

According to Ms. Snook, “I am honored to be part of the leadership of the Women’s Council of
Realtors. Success in business today is achieved through positive, productive collaboration. The
Women’s Council provides an environment in which members support each other and work
together to achieve personal growth and business success.”

Ms. Snook shared one of the highlights of the event—honoring Andre Quinton, a veteran who
served our country. As the story goes for way too many veterans, Andre was homeless for a
period of time. Ms. Snook first heard him play the piano a year ago when he wandered in off the
streets to the Delray Beach library, which has a piano sitting in the foyer. She sat there and
listened to him and learned that he is a master musician who plays by ear without sheet music.
“I always believed there are people who come into your life for a reason,” states Ms. Snook. “As
my installation speech indicated, I believe we hold pieces of each other’s puzzle of life and when
we present that piece to someone else, we hope to have enhanced their lives. I want to thank
Andre for enhancing my life. My hope is that we all can spread the word of his amazing talent
and find more opportunities to showcase his music.”

About Amy Stark Snook
Amy Stark Snook, a 1990 graduate of the University of Maryland, is a partner in the All About
Florida Homes team of Lang Realty, along with co-partner Noreen Payne of Delray Beach. She
has been practicing real estate and title insurance for 19 years and is currently the Florida State
President for Women’s Council of Realtors. Amy is also a director of the Realtors Association of
the Palm Beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale, and a director of Florida Realtors. She resides in
Atlantis, Florida.

About the Women’s Council of Realtors
The Women’s Council of Realtors is a dynamic, accessible and diverse network, linking each
member to the tools, training and support to develop their individual leadership potential and
business goals. The Council identifies, supports and promotes the development of strong women
business leaders in the industry, organized real estate and in the broader community and provides
an influential voice and perspective for women in real estate. The Women’s Council’s local and
state networks consistently deliver high membership value and a collaborative, welcoming
environment in which members can achieve their business goals.

—Press Release Courtesy of 2021 Women’s Council of Realtors