“Highly recommend their services to others without hesitation…”

Amy and Noreen are a fantastic real estate team; they both work diligently to find the right home(s) for their client(s) and make the experience a pleasant one!

I worked with them from Virginia – with a limited timeline to accomplish a relocation to Florida. I visited the state only twice to look at homes with Noreen, but saw one that particularly interested me upon my return to Virginia. So Noreen went to that property, called me on FaceTime, and walked through and around the outside of the home to show it to me!

I guess you could say it was the next best thing to being there! It worked like a charm and we wrote a contract almost immediately. The negotiations, home inspection, and closing went very smoothly with Amy taking charge on the contractual side of things, and I purchased the property in October 2018.

It did need renovations but that is what I wanted in order to reflect my style in the home so they also recommended an excellent contractor who is not only a super nice guy with an awesome crew but honest as well!

Amy and Noreen made the entire process as seamless as possible and always worked to make the experience one I would appreciate forever. They were in constant contact with me at every turn, offering to help in any way possible so I highly recommend their services to others without hesitation. You ladies rock!